Free Charity Website Hosting
Whether you are a Nonprofit or full 501(c)3 registered charity we can provide you with a free website and free web hosting.

Our mission is to reduce cost and increase revenue for nonprofit organizations. One of the first programs that we set up is a web hosting and website design training program that allows your organization to get on the web without paying for profit prices to a domain and hosting company.

Free for Charity has set up and as a managed WordPress hosting solution for non profits and charities. By signing up you get a website immediately available for you to customize with your own domain name (such as and content for your mission.

We also have pre customized websites that fit specific types of organizations like homeless shelters and food banks to get you started even sooner.

All of our free charity website packages include:
  • Step by step training videos on how to edit and create on your website without paying a designer!
  • Prebuilt to accept donations on your website
  • Dozens of premium add-ons that extent the functions of websites.
How can we provide these free charity websites?
Our organization is a training organization. We host for profit businesses as part of our training program to teach students how to work on websites. These generous for profit businesses and individuals pay for the hosting and web design services just like any other hosting and design company but instead of the profit going to shareholders we use the program revenues to provide you with a free charity website and free hosting.
My organization is not 501(c)3 yet can we still get a free nonprofit website?
Free for Charity understands that all fully IRS approved charities once started as ‘nonprofits’. We will provide you the same free nonprofit website however due to licensing restrictions from some of our services we have to charge the ‘at cost’ prices. These are the actual costs incurred by free for charity to license and provide all the services. This rate is about 50% of the costs for our for profit companies that host with us.