Be a Part in Donations
We are always looking for individuals and business to support our training programs. Both donations as well as performing volunteer work for our training programs are critical to the success of Free For Charity and it’s mission.
You can create a measurable impact to the success of charities nation wide with your donation or volunteer hours.

Every organizations success ultimately falls down to how much support the organization received for its causes. Here at Free for Charity it is our mission to provide world class services to other nonprofits throughout the United States.

We cannot do the work we do without your support.

From the day to day costs of running servers, websites, and paying for software to support our training programs; Free for Charity can always put to good use your donation. Consider your options to donate today.

In addition to financial support, Free for Charity also needs community support through skilled volunteers and gifts in kind (such as services or products sold by your business). Take a look at the volunteer opportunities today.

Thank you for supporting our mission to help charities in need!

Click the button below to make a donation at PayPal and support Free For Charity. Your contribution will make a meaningful impact in helping us provide world-class training programs and support charities throughout the United States. From covering the costs of running servers and websites to supporting our training programs, every donation counts. Help us continue our mission by donating today.

Free for Charity Donation Options

Here at free for charity we make it easy to donate and help the cause of great free training programs and free services for charities.

We have the following options:

Monthly Donations

Monthly donations help by providing a predictable cash flow and are generally put towards expenses that are paid by free for charity each month like hosting and software licenses. By matching up our monthly bills to our monthly donations we can then scale up in tandem to produce more and more for charities.

One Time Donations

On time donations of any amount are placed in the general fund and used to help fund special projects as they become available throughout the year.

Large Donations

For large donations we can work directly with the donor and earmark the funds for a particular project of personal significance. This can be as simple as saying that your donation should be used for the technology programs vs. the business programs or more involved such as that the funds should be used to assist one particular local charity you support