Free Training Programs
Are you looking to gain marketable skills in technology and business services? Are you looking to start building a portfolio showing real world support to small medium and large organizations? If so this is the place for you.
Free Training Programs in Business and Technology Skills
No matter your starting skill set, we have a free training program to get you to expert status.

At Free for Charity the projects you will work on while training and expanding your skills will help both Free for Charity directly and the assisted charities that we work with. It is truly a win-win-win.

  • You win by getting training and skills in real work needed by for profit and non profits alike.
  • Charities win because instead of the work you do never being seen again after the training your projects are all real world things needed today.
  • Free for charity wins by capturing your skills and motivation to bring efficacies to the nonprofit industry as a whole.
Our charitable mission is getting you the skills you need while helping charities at the same time.
We currently have slots open in the following free training programs. Please take a look and get started learning and helping today.
Online and offline business data and research training program (Entry to mid-level program)

Everyone knows how to search the web to find what they need. Now it is time to move beyond Google and learn how to research and control data with Free for Charity projects. For our research projects you will help the whole nonprofit community. Your research is used by charities to make decisions on what tools to use in their operations. Without great information you can’t make great decisions. Unlike paid databases and directories the Free for Charity services directories is completely free to everyone! By working on this project you can help charities save thousands of dollars each year (this is no joke).

In addition to helping charities you are starting to learn a key skill set of research and data control. These skills are a geographically independent and you can help growing businesses from anywhere as an online employee. Salary for a trained and proficient data control clerk is $24,000 to $52,000. The average is $31,000 ( results for Data Control Clerk 1 and clerk 3). Not bad money for sitting at a nice desk. We take you from professional Google’er to full blown professional working on high visibility projects for million dollar organizations. After initial assessment by Free for Charity you will be placed in one of the following programs based on your existing skills and other factors such as degrees or formal training.

Click here now to sign up for the research and data control training programs with Free for Charity.

Business Analysts

Online and offline business analyst training program (Entry to high-level program)

In your day to day life you might never meet a full paid business or market analyst but you do make decisions about what to buy and from whom every day. That is the basic level of what a company or product analyst does. Free for charity is offering a program to train you on how to take that skill of deciding based on data what to buy and bring it to charities around the country.  With our training program you will start with sorting through the data and research from our data control specialists to then improve the data with analysis.

This means something as simple as a comparison between two similar products based on your research or something as complex as deciding what types of products meet a specific business need.  Most people with the formal title of Business Analyst have a college degree but many employers still want to see actual project experience. One description for a job posting is “At CSC, Business Analysts are members of an agile development team that delivers IT solutions to support business objectives.  Business Analysts are empowered, decisive, communicative, business-savvy, and highly available to their teams”. Weather you have a college degree or not you can learn the skills that pay an average of 52,898. ( results for Business System Analyst 1) If you have a degree or are working towards one this experience can mean getting the job first when you graduate or help in a transition to this type of position.

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Web Developers

Website, web application, web development training program. (Entry to high-level program)

From creating free charity websites to creating engaging content for a charity; web developers are critical members of any team. You can learn or expand on your skills in the Free for Charity web developer training program. With such a broad range of skills it is common for someone to be an expert in one aspect of technology and web projects however not know too much about another aspect of the technology. If you wanted to dip your toe into PHP or perhaps work with a database driven website you can do that in this program.  While you learn you will be helping charities to save a lot of money. Full time web developers when working for companies make around $69,781 a year. ( results for Associate Web Producer) You can however develop your skills and work as either a part time or full time freelancer. If you want to try to work in this industry without a degree these type of skills more so than any other is all about results. If a prospective employer asks you if you have the skills you can show an actual completed project and the letters of recommendations that come with a job well done. If you have a degree or are working towards one this experience can mean getting the job first when you graduate or help in a transition to this type of position.

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Free Training programs FAQ
How do your training programs in business and technology fields help me to get employment in the real world?
Most employers want people with not just training from formal institutions; but also those who have demonstrated success on real world problems. Free for charity provides you the opportunity to work on real problems and be able to show your success to a prospective employer. More than just obtaining a new paper certification you will have a project and its results to show. Using this competency model we can get you working on projects long before a for-profit company would let you touch it. Companies are low risk and a new hire is a risky. Free for charity understands this risk but because we want to help as many charities as possible and to train as many people as possible in these skills we accept and manage the risk for the organization. Large organizations non profit or for profit don’t like to open the projects they use to support the mission to new hires. Free for charity maintains several entry level projects that are well controlled and low risk for you to start out with. By mastering these projects you show us and other future employers that you are ready for higher level work.
How do we offer free classes and projects when a college or for profit company costs thousands of dollars?
It is simple. We turned the economics on its head. Instead of making the learner pay to learn we as a nonprofit work from donations of both time and money to provide you the skills you need without the costs you normally have to pay. Most companies want to see results not just certifications. We work only with results and this cuts our costs. As you produce great real world results on your projects free for charity gets new donations and sponsorships funding others to get the same training. By taking the large upfront cost or loans out of the equation we can take on more and more people who want to change their lives by learning new job skills. Since we work online and train online this also includes tapping a group of people who due to the risk of leaving your day job cannot train with us part time as you get time.
What do you require of someone to join your programs?
At the most basic level you have to want to learn and you have to want to help charities. If you are passionate about learning everything else falls into place. When you sign up for any of our programs the slots go to who is the most motivated to learn the skills and produce great results for our supported projects and charities.

Sign up today and start learning these new skills while helping charities.