Charity Nonprofit Tech Directory

Free for Charity is working to build a comprehensive directory for technology used by most charities and non profits.

The Nonprofit technology directory will focus on the startup charity and will have a heavy preference for items that are open source or free. At the end of the day however it is up to each and every nonprofit or charity to decide what is best for them and we accomplish this by allowing you to search and sort each technology for your needs.

This Nonprofit Technology Directory expands on the great work of and by moving the focus on products outside those that have directly partnered with us to show you all offers both from for profit and nonprofit companies.

Many of the providers on other directories are tailored to the nonprofit sector but do not offer the best solutions and should be compared to the best solutions industry wide. Think things like google for email vs a local shop in your city.

We are adding technologies all the time however if you have a technology software package or website that you want us to add and rank please fill out the form below for us to take a look.

Have questions about consultation or hosting? Want to know more about nonprofits? Looking to chat? Give a real person a call:
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Our Nonprofit technology directory categories will start with are:
  • Charity Websites
    • WordPress Web Hosting
    • WordPress themes
    • WordPress plugins
    • WordPress management
  • Accounting
    • Installed software
    • Cloud based
  • Office automation
    • Office suites
    • Customer relationship management systems
  • Management tools
    • Time tracking
    • Volunteer management
  • We hope to start building this Nonprofit technology directory database soon. By filling the form out above you are helping to make the Nonprofit technology directory come to life.