Charity and Nonprofit Service and Consultant Directory
Free for Charity is establishing a Charity and Nonprofit Service and Consultant Directory. This is designed as a quick resource to provide information about companies who provide services to charities around the country.

Such topics covered by the services and consultants include:

  • Programs
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Legal expertise
  • IT (information technology)
  • HR (human resources)
  • Fundraising
  • Corporate structure.

Every nonprofit organization needs help from time to time and there is no reason why they can’t ask for it through the various services and consultants that are out there. Many of the companies and consultants listed on the directory deal solely with nonprofits, so they are able to provide personalized information to help with the success of a charity.

This directory is designed to provide assistance to nonprofit organizations in terms of how and why to choose a consultant. This process can be overwhelming, so being able to identify the various companies and consultants can help to simplify the process. This ensures that all organizations are able to obtain the information they need to succeed – and to obtain all the products and services that they desire.

This directory is also provided as a way for consultants and businesses to promote their services to nonprofit organizations. Many companies have no idea how to reach nonprofit organizations, even though they have a great product or service to offer. Those who have something unique to offer are included in the directory to be able to reach out to nonprofits in bulk.

Free for Charity is a resource that, as the name implies, is free for charities. Charities are already doing something good for their community or for a specific cause, so they need to have the assistance they require available to them without adding a lot of work to their plate.

Please note that a consultant listing on this website does not mean that Free for Charity is endorsing the services. The information provided on the website is simply for nonprofit organizations to gain access to services and consultants. It is up to each organization to research the company/consultant and determine whether it meets their needs or not.

The Charity and Nonprofit Service and Consultant Directory is constantly growing and evolving. The goal is for it to be a free resource. As nonprofits discuss their needs with Free for Charity, the directory is likely going to change in order to meet those needs. Each and every comment received is reviewed in order to ensure the directory is a complete list of services available. The directory itself is reliant on those in the country contributing to the cause.

For more information about Free for Charity or to obtain information about being added to the directory, please use the contact information found on the website.